As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I’d love to help you –

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  • Age vibrantly and enjoy optimal health with my nutrition tips and recipes.
  • Learn how to blend and balance all foods and beverages with a daily dose of positive attitude and activity – yes, that brownie, cowboy-sized steak, loaded baked potato and glass of wine or beer are part of my eating plan. And they can be part of yours too.
  • Savor every bite and sip – without angst, guilt, shame or fear.

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If you’re a business or organization, here’s what I can do for you –

  • Advocate and strategize to promote your product with accurate, science-based messages in an engaging, positive and savvy manner
  • Write stories, articles and marketing copy about your product
  • Be a spokesperson on TV, radio and social media channels
  • Provide cooking & culinary demonstrations
  • Give food/nutrition speeches & presentations
  • Create recipes with your products
  • Analyze recipes and menus
  • Manage events/projects for food & agriculture organizations
  • Assist with video production script writing, food styling & on-air hosting
  • Work at your trade show, exhibit or consumer food show
  • Provide corporate wellness programs